Partnering for clean energy at reasonable
costs to the ratepayers sets Hawaii on the path
to its 100% renewable goal. HCPA is proud
to be a partner in that work.



We are a non-profit corporation organized to advance the development and sustainability of clean energy in Hawaii. HCPA educates the public about the benefits of clean energy and works towards the advancement of utility-scale, grid-connected clean energy projects. These projects benefit everyone—seniors, tenants, low and moderate income families, and businesses—by making renewable energy accessible and available.

HCPA supports the State of Hawaii’s policy goal of 100% electric renewable portfolio standard by 2045 — including local sustainability, reduced greenhouse gas, and carbon neutrality.

A diverse mix of utility-scale clean energy projects furthers energy independence, energy security, and self-sufficiency. It benefits ratepayers. It propels Hawaii into the future and away from its fossil-fuel dependent past.


HCPA is governed by a Board of Directors with deep expertise in clean energy, public policy, project development, financing, engineering, and law.

HCPA members include developers, owners, and operators of utility-scale clean energy projects as well as various industry affiliates that support such projects. These members sustainably generate energy from a wide range of sources, including solar, biomass, wind, and hydro.

HCPA members actively work to educate the business, government, and broader communities about the benefits of clean energy, the challenges faced by the industry, and potential solutions to those challenges.